A warm welcome from DG McCann

At the Mc Cann Dental Practice, our main aim is preventive dentistry. Spotting trouble before it starts and ensuring that patients understand how to care for their teeth when they're away from the practice. You will find our staff dedicated to improving your dental health in a friendly welcome and congenial atmosphere.

Our aims

We believe that people should have healthy mouths and attractive teeth for a lifetime. The prevention of dental and gum disease is far less costly than the repeated cycle of breakdown and repair, and certainly more enjoyable for all concerned. We believe that compromising on procedures or materials for the sake of economy can result in higher costs in terms of time, effort and discomfort.

Our hygienist is available for both children and adults to discuss and educate you on all your dental hygiene needs. We're able to offer dietary advice as another step towards prevention. The health of our teeth like the rest of our body depends on a well balanced diet. Sugar is a major cause of tooth decay.

The importance of time...

It is easy to pick up the telephone and call us on 01992 572 461 or, if you prefer the convenience of the electronic age, please fill out our electronic appointment form. By giving us some basic contact details and your preferred days/times for appointments, our receptionist will be happy to call you at a convenient time and arrange an appointment.

We hope your visit to the practice is stress free and as enjoyable as possible.


DG McCann



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